Monday, February 28, 2011

The Tron we all wanted to see.

Well I did, anyway.  The whole time watching Tron legacy, I'm thinking; where's Tron?  So we saw him in the background of a flashback, being awesome for 4 seconds, and he was the main henchman who had a change of heart, and was never revealed  ..?  what?  C'mon where's Tron?  Right here. And no creepy, uncanny valley effect.

This is part of a bigger piece that will be an exclusive limited edition print available at the Emerald City Comic Con next weekend.  This print will feature all 14 media guests that will be there.

I did an original Tron a while back  It was fun to do the 2.0 version.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Studio

I feel pretty fortunate to have the studio I have.  I love the space and layout.  There's two closets for reference and materials.  There's several stations, as I think of them; the main digital station where I have the Cintiq, and an analog station where I have a good old, drawing/painting table.  The other computer is my old G4 which drives the big printer and my scanner, which I bought in the mid nineties -it's scsi, so I need to keep an older computer that remembers what scsi is.  Above me is my wife's loft; it's great because when we're both home working, we each have our own areas, but we're together.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Painting Onna Cintiq

A close-up detail of a Firefly piece that's nearly finished.  The underdrawing was done in pencil, all tonal and color done on the Cintiq.  First step into a larger world...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nathan Fillion Likeness

This is kinda weird, like a magician's trick I pulled on myself.  I drew this picture of Mal, played by Nathan Fillion about a year and a half ago.  That's the one on the Left. I liked it but felt like it wasn't quite right but didn't know why, and banished it in a pile of near-misses.  I just came across it and saw clearly what was of; Nathan's nose doesn't look like that, the upper lip is wrong, cheek, chin, so I drew it on an overlay to fix  what was wrong, and only to fix what was wrong; that's the one in the middle -This really doesn't look like him.   I scanned it, over-layed it on the first drawing in Photoshop (multiply), and Presto! -now it looks like him.  Two wrongs make a right.