Monday, January 10, 2011

'I can't help you, son..'

Maybe he can.

So why does a not-too-web-savvy guy start a blog?  -To get better.  Or perhaps more importantly, faster.  I'm a slow, plodding artist, ask any of my clients waiting for a commission.  My ornery way is to keep banging away, but I realize for a different result, I need a different approach.   I was impressed by Eric Canete, an artist I greatly admire professionally and personally, who started his blog page to step-up his output.  Check out his amazing 90 minute sketches.  So I hope Eric doesn't take mind if I take a page out of his book and try something along the same lines.

When I was a kid in school you could tell what movie I had just seen, because I was drawing it.   So why not go back to that habit for this exercise?  So I drew Jeff Bridge's Rooster Cogburn.  (Do I have to tell you how good this movie is?)  I tried for under 90 minutes, but it took 94, another hour+ for printing out reference, studying it, scanning.


  1. Jason, this is great. I enjoy following your work on the DeviantArt site, but this blog will be even better. Thanks for sharing.