Monday, May 23, 2011

Drawing on the Cintiq

My basic process is 3 steps: 1-underdrawing, 2 -tonal (transparent color) 3 opaque hi lights.  Over the last few years, I've been using digital tools to accomplish 2 and 3 with greater frequency.  I thought I'd try to do step 1 digitally as well, so I've been drawing my recent work: the exclusive prints for this years Phoenix and Calgary shows.  On hearing this, a few people half-jokingly called me a sell-out. Other's let me know that they knew these weren't real pencil.  Um, okay, I never said it was.  Anyway, I'm having fun with the new medium.  I find that I follow the same process path, I just get there faster.



  1. Jason, if you had not said these were done on a Cintiq, I would have thought these were actual pencils. Perhaps the only tell-tale sign upon closer inspection would have been the rich blacks.

    Filtered through the human soul indeed (still loved that quote from our interview).